You need something written, and I’ve got words.

…We already make a great team!

But what exactly happens when I’m on your team?

You get what you need to get the job done well. Whether it’s captivating contentinformative blog posts, perceptive ghostwriting, or compelling copywriting, I deliver.

I know that the goal of any effective communication is to create a clear and engaging message that is aptly targeted to your audience—and that’s what I love to do.

I’m reliable, efficient, adept, creative, and passionate. I do my job well so you don’t have to.


Lisa understands my promotional needs better than I do. She has taught me a lot about how to reach my audience effectively. Lisa writes clearly and succinctly—helping me get my message across successfully—and I can rest assured when it comes to her meeting deadlines.

— Rogene Lis, Program Coordinator,



The great enemy of communication…is the illusion of it.
~William H. Whyte
I don’t create illusions; I deliver reality.