Your story needs telling. Let me tell it for you.

Your story might be who you are, what your business is, or why your product is the one to buy.

So…what exactly is your story? You are not alone if you answer “I’m not sure” or “I know what it is, but I just can’t put words around it.” And if you do know it, how do you share it and make it memorable in this world of information overload?

You need someone to bring your story to light and then tell it clearly and compellingly.

This is what I love to do. Thankfully, I’ve been told I’m pretty darn good at it, too.

My storytelling comes in several forms: content writing, blogging, ghostwriting, copywriting…but it all comes down to sharing your message in a way that reaches and engages your audience.

Check out my services and portfolio to get a better idea of what I do–and how I can help you tell your story.

Lisa did research and wrote marketing copy for us on a number of client accounts – including one content-marketing account I’d already worked on for years and was “handing off” to her as the newer writer on our team. She delivered us clean, publishable copy every time, on time, without a lot of fuss. Even better, she took note of any edits I made or alterations I asked for, so that the second and third and fourth projects were even more aligned with our needs.

— Benjie Hughes,
Creative Entrepreneur

Lisa understands my promotional needs better than I do. She has taught me a lot about how to reach my audience effectively. Lisa writes clearly and succinctly—helping me get my message across successfully—and I can rest assured when it comes to her meeting deadlines.

— Rogene Lis, Program Coordinator,